Thursday, 22 August 2013

A cry for help

A cry for help - On Female Genital Mutilation

A two faced practice,

Done in the name of love,

Yet it is child abuse

A human ogre,

Disguised as culture

Yet it was never anybody’s culture

And besides, culture evolves

A silent killer,

Yet some accept death as part of the process.

A practice started so many years ago

A practice that has no value in a girl,

Or a woman‘s life

A practice that dehumanises,

A practice that controls women,

Physically, mentally

and sexually,

a practice I call female genital mutilation,

some call it female circumcision,

others call it female genital cutting,

whichever name one gives this practice ,

it is child abuse,

and has no place in the human race

How would we feel,

going down history,

As not having done something,

to end this horrific practice?

Female Genital Mutilation,

A practice that we should all be wary of,

A practice that has seen death,

Mental illness and continual suffering,

Of women and girls,

A practice that has maimed many,

And will still do if we do not act now,

A practice that has humiliated many

And left those who speak about it,

With no friends and family

Let’s not be fooled by,

Female Genital Mutilation enthusiasts/cutters

 and any who for some reason secretly support,

Female Genital Mutilation

This practice has no medical value,

Let’s all say,

No to Female Genital Mutilation

There has been many,

and there will be more types of child abuse,

but Female Genital Mutilation,

is indeed mutilation,

Of the body, soul and mind

Abigal  Muchecheti